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Meet Dr. Kenneth DeGroat

The body possesses the knowledge and ability to maintain itself in perfect health.

Dr. Ken and Janet DeGroat

Dr. Ken and Janet DeGroat

As a high school and then college teacher, I enjoyed sharing my knowledge of science with hundreds of students. But as I discovered, some days they had the opportunity to teach me!

My students were responsible for introducing me to chiropractic as a way of helping me to improve my health. At their urging, I was fortunate to find a terrific chiropractor who took the time to explain chiropractic and the vital role the nervous system plays in maintaining health and well being. In fact, his explanations made so much sense to me that I left my teaching position and moved to Iowa to begin chiropractic college the following summer.

My choice of school was easy

I wanted the best, which to me meant going to the largest, most respected chiropractic college, founded by the discoverer of chiropractic, Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. There, my classmates and I spent years learning the science of the human body, the art of adjusting the spine to maximize the function of the nervous system (the master control system of the body) and the philosophy of natural healing. Most interesting and challenging for me was this new philosophy, that health could and should be attained naturally. After all, like most people, I had been taught from birth that health came from outside forces like a pill or a shot. The idea that the body was naturally programmed with an “innate” or inborn intelligence that needed little or no help, just no interference, to work was completely new to me – and made perfect sense. Health, as it turns out, is an ‘inside job’.

Our Practice Philosophy

It’s no surprise then that our practice philosophy revolves around the concept that from day one, the body possesses the knowledge and ability to maintain itself in perfect health, so long as nothing interferes with this process. Sometimes ‘interference’ comes in the form of a life threatening injury or illness and this is where traditional medicine is both necessary and useful. But more often, interference to the expression of health is more subtle, causing small blockages that grow, over time, to become large problems.

Chiropractors call these blockages ‘subluxations’, which come in many forms both physical and mental. Our goal is to remove them and the interference they cause and to restore your body’s inborn ability to heal and maintain itself. Because we deal with the underlying causes of poor health and not just their symptoms, our patients have seen improvements in a wide variety of health problems. Other pages on this website describe many of the conditions that chiropractic has been shown to help, so please check them out. We believe that everyone can benefit from chiropractic care!

Finding Balance

I believe that life and health are about finding balance – between work and play, serious purpose and fun. I love my work but enjoy other things just as much – fishing, hiking and camping keep me connected with nature, while working on cars and computers and flying small planes provide different types of challenges and fun. As the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life”. The ability to enjoy these things with my wife Janet and sons Chris and Scott add great depth and balance to my life and practice.

Finally, balance is also about practicing what you preach, isn’t it? Would you take weight loss advice from an overweight doctor? I wouldn’t. Since I am convinced that good health is a result of good habits, I work to prevent illness by natural means – a healthy diet, regular exercise, rest and chiropractic care. They have been the keys to a better quality of life and health for us. They can be for you, too.

Thanks for taking a few moments to visit our website. Feel free to explore! Knowledge is power! I hope that I’ll get the chance to meet you in person to discuss how we may be of service to you. Give us a call or use the link below to email me.

Yours for better health,
Dr. Ken

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