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The Keyport/Bayshore Chiropractor For You:
Dr. Kenneth DeGroat

Getting Started at Keyport Chiropractic

Chiropractor in Keyport, Dr. Kenneth DeGroat

Dr. Kenneth DeGroat

What’s the best way to choose a chiropractor in Keyport? You’re doing it! Spend some time here exploring why we do what we do.

Our goal at Keyport Chiropractic is to remove ‘subluxations’ and the interference they cause and to restore your body’s inborn ability to heal and maintain itself. Because we deal with the underlying causes of poor health and not just their symptoms, our patients have seen improvements in a wide variety of health problems. Other pages on this website describe many of the conditions that chiropractic has been shown to help, so please check them out. We believe that everyone can benefit from chiropractic care!

We Practice What We Preach

Balance is about practicing what you preach, isn’t it? Would you take weight loss advice from an overweight doctor? We wouldn’t. Since we am convinced that good health is a result of good habits, we work to prevent illness by natural means – a healthy diet, regular exercise, rest and chiropractic care. They have been the keys to a better quality of life and health for us. They can be for you, too!

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Dr. Kenneth DeGroat | Keyport Chiropractor